Example of the Baudricourt typeface in use:

A grotesque family inspired by historical models.

Baudricourt is type family inspired by sans-serif typefaces of the late 19th century, in particular, Grotesque N°1 by Miller & Richard and the Doric Series of H. W. Caslon. It particularly retains a certain expressiveness, due to its fluid forms and strong endings.

Available in 5 weights, from Light to Black, it adapts to many uses; the Light and Regular styles, with their large spacing, are suitable for running text; the Bold and Black styles are more suitable for display use.

Letter A in the Baudricourt typeface
Letter S in the Baudricourt typeface
Letter N in the Baudricourt typeface
Full alphabet and figures in the Baudricourt typeface
Exemple of a paragraph of text using the Baudricourt typeface
The differents styles of the Baudricourt typeface: Baudricourt Light, Regular, Semibold, Bold and Black
Full glyphset of the Baudricourt family